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Harriette Eliza Noyes

The Original Hand Written Continuous Genealogy of the Noyes Family Book

Collaborator Between Genealogist HARRIETTE ELIZA NOYES & COL. HENRY E. NOYES Circa 1887, hand signed by Harriete E, Noyes given to his Nephew Carl Patten Noyes for safe keeping.

My Mother was named after Ms Noyes. My Mother keep it safe for 70 years and intrusted it to me for safe keeping.

NOTE: Any interested curator, library or genealogical society may contact me for this book to be donated for conservation and Preservation and give me letter apprecetion in the name of my Mother Harriete Patten Noyes

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  1. gordon douglas (noyes) bell says:

    greetings! i once googled my grandfather william elton noyes 1888, and i found the lineage back to nicholas. under william elton noyes it shsows my uncle elton earl b1917, and child 1917, the child is my mother marguerite ellen noyes who married winfield diunster bell (my father) william elton noyes wife was gene wade, mother daisy wade. winfield dunster bell and marguerite ellen noyes have 3 surviving children, myself, david allen bell, and donna gene bell. if you need further information regarding same, kindly replay and i will either take records to newbury or how ever you would like to receive updated information. i hope this helps, a great, great effort on everyone’s part, sincerely, g. douglas bell

  2. David R Noyes says:

    Hello Gordon,
    I was just trying to find some info on my Dad. Elton Earl Noyes. His Dad was William. His Wife was Gene. They lived in Wallaston MA. Grand Dad William had a Brother Frank who died in 1999 at 103. There was also a Sister Hazel whom I only met once at my Brother Frank’s wedding.
    We called your Mom Aunt Margie and as I remember you had a sister.
    My Brother Frank had three children. Ann Marie,Lisa Marie and Frank.
    I have one Daughter,Samantha age 16. I often wondered what happened to my Cousins. Sad when Familys drift so far apart.

  3. Meredith Kennedy (Kamps) says:

    Long lost cousin out here. I think you have been in touch with sisters Gretchen and Adele. I remember you staying at out house when you were about two and I was in a body cast and spending time at your house in Franklin and skating on black ice. We were friends and neighbors of your Noyes grandparents. I’ve been tracing families lately. Fill me in on the family when you get a chance.
    Meredith (mimi)

  4. Rebecca McNeil says:

    Hello. My name is Rebecca “Becky” McNeil, and I am a Family History Consultant at our Family History Center here in Hurricane, Utah. I realize this site I found on Google is rather dated [since 2011], but I am so hoping you are able to receive this letter. Our Family History Center would be very interested in your NOYES GENEALOGY, as it would be a valuable addition to our Library and its patrons. I wonder if you might email me so that we might “chat” about this wonderful book. Many would be interested in reading on this family history; indeed, I also have Noyes ancestors…Deacon Nicholas and Mary [Cutting] Noyes. When you find the time, would you please contact me? Thank you so much.
    Best regards,
    Mrs. Becky McNeil
    Hurricane, UT Family History Consultant
    Toquerville, Utah

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