Biograhpy Of De Nicholas Noyes


Sold at Auction 2016 for $62,000 to a private bidder.

A digital (CD) read only copy is available upon request- $20.00 – Please email for instructions!

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  1. Elizabeth Bell Bokemeyer says:

    Sitting here in Texas with 109 deg. temp. nothing to do but work on one’s genealogy.
    Going back in time to my Mother’s Parris ancestors I find the Rev. Samuel Parris of
    the famed Salem Witchcraft Trials very interesting to say the least. Thinking about copying the only minature portrait of him on canvass with my acryllic paints. At the
    same time wondering why one of his son’s was named Noyes Parris. Can you tell me
    the origin of the name Noyes? Must have been a friend of the Rev.’s in England. But
    I wonder who? Would love an answer if you have one…thanks.

  2. admin says:

    Reverend Nicholas Noyes of Salem had NO children…………..

    He is the Son of De Nicholas Noyes who came to America in 1634 from England along with his brother James. Nicholas Sr. Had 9 children.

    The Name Noyes originally from the Hebrew word No or Noah, meaning long lived. The Noyes family has a positive lineage back to the the 1300’s they were of NOBEL descent having earned a surname and a “TITLED” family earliest record is NOYES being on subsidiary rolls of KING WILLIAM DE NOYER of Norman (Now Normandy) and had fought in the battle of hasting in 1066 were England was defeated.

    Earlier than that, there is much speculation that they were descendants of NOMADIC Vikings or Iron Age Danes. Perhaps then Nights Templar or Knights of Christ fighting in the great crusades earning that last name after a victory over the Muslims in Jerusalem, which was a practice. The name Noyes is coincidently or not sounding like a derivative or variant of King De Noyers last name.

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