Remembering my Aunt Estelle Bishop- The Tamborine Girl age 99

Aunt Estel

Here is one woman that I know will be in Heaven to greet me. One of Gods finest person’s he ever created. My sister Carol can tell the story better than me. She was volunteering at the old folks home in her 90’s and lived at home until she past away a 99 from an elective surgery. Yes, that’s what she wanted. When you get to be her age, you can do what ever you want.  Praise God for her and Earl in my life. I still think about my uncle Earl and Estel fondly, helps me go to sleep at night. She reaches down from heaven and pats me on the head and says she loves me.

Uncle Earl Bishop and “Little Al”  in 1960. My dads Ford station wagon in the background. Note the dented fender.  I did that when I pulled the emergency brake, the car rolled down the hill and hit the cabin.  If I had not hit the corner of the cabin, it was steep roll into the lake.

No one was really mad I remember, but they had to take a sledge hammer to beat the logs back into place and I think my dad did some bumper tweaking  as well. Earl was so grateful that I was OK, my dad was just serious dad, but also grateful.

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