Veterans of the Civil War–By Paul Noyes

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  1. thomas michael gibbons says:

    William h noyes was in civil war c. 97th ohio inf born oct 2 1826 died may 9 1911 burid in modamin ia father of samuel noyes. Sincerly thomas m gibbons. Great great grandson of william and proud of it

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow! So many relatives from one family in 1634. Too bad you don’t have their stories broken down. Maybe you will and post it someday. Nice job!

  3. Roger Noyes says:

    My great grandfather, William H (Henry) Noyes, born 18 July 1841, died, 20 March 1909 enlisted in Company D, 1st New York Regiment Light Artillery on 6 September 1861. He was discharged in June of 1865.

  4. Brenda Noyes Wright says:

    I need your email address and can’t find it Are you on facebook?

  5. Many more civil war vets have been added at my website, if you have an interest. Roger’s great grandfather is there.

  6. FB says:

    Are you related to the Adelbert Noyes who married the Mary Jane (Jennie) Hudson sister of many of the Hudsons on this list? Just wondering…there’s a neat obit for that gentleman (Adelbert Noyes–who died of a ripe old age at the Old Soldiers’ Home in Dayton Ohio…he fought for the South) He had a wife and two children in WVA and that didn’t work out but then he and Mary Jane “Jennie” had a son who died at a young age (maybe 5 or 8?) who is buried in Aberdeen, Ohio with Jennie.

  7. FB says:

    PS William F. Hudson is really WIlliam P Hudson (misreading of monument).
    ALso, the family Bible of the Hudson family gives the name of their mom as BARKER (as does a KY record for one of their siblings) (It’s hard to tell, but the will for their grandpa matches this, as does their grandma who is buried in the same place as Colburn C. Hudson) (“EDY” wife of John Barker, maternal grandmother aka maiden name McILvain) buried there, as well as a baby child of Samuel M. Hudson and wife.
    (Rainbow RIdge/HIcks Cemetery in Racine or Syracuse, Meigs, Ohio.)

    Just fyi in case someone is trying to track the family. (The maternal grandma is missing from family graveyard in other area of Ohio b/c she came down for a family wedding in Meigs Ohio where her namesake was getting married in 1855, where the Milby A. Hudson family moved (across river from Jackson County VA/WVA) and also coal country. The one son who survived the war, with a lead bullet miniball in his chest, Samuel M. Hudson, lived in Meigs but later in Aberdeen, Brown, Ohio (across from Maysville, KY (newspaper records often across river). Samuel’s sister Jennie Hudson Noyes, wife of Adelbert Noyes, and her young son, as I said before are buried in Aberdeen, Ohio.

  8. admin says:

    Go to my cousin Pauls website at GO TO the contact section fill in the same information you asked me- his database has 10’s of thousands of Noyes families – If he can’t find it no one can.

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