Generation 13 Extensive

Thirteenth Generation

6144. Nicholas NOYES 484 was born about 1496 in Littleton, Kimpton, Hampshire, England.484 (Probably Littleton) He lived in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England on 10 Jan 1523.484 He died about 1575 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England.484 (Probably close to 1575 “a very old man” (Chaancery Proceedings Series II, C3/151/91).) Nicholas was listed at Cholderton in the subsidy rolls of 14 & 15 Henry VIII [1523-4], 10 Jan. 16 Henry VIII [1525], 8 Oct. 32 Henry VIII [1540], 12 Oct. 35 Henry VIII [1543], and 2 Elizabeth I [1559/60]. (Subsidy Rolls, E179/197/156; E179/197/184; E179/197/241; E179/197/275). In 1523/4 he was taxed 21 shillings on goods valued at £21. In 1527 in the Hundred of Ambrysbury “In the parishe of Chalderton [which at that time contained only 57 persons] first Nicholas Nowyse hath whett for the allowance for thye feyndyng of his houssold xvj quarters and to sell vj quarters …. in barley, besydes to sow xxx quarters and for the feynding of his houssold xx quarters and to sell xiiij quarters.” (Wiltshire Notes & Queries, 2 (1896-1898): 68-69).

He is on the list of taxpayers for the benevolence of 1545 for Cholderton and was probably the Nicholas Noyes who was named overseer and witnessed the will of Cicilia Noyes of Shipton, widow, in 1546. (“Two Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists”, G.D. Ramsay, ed. (Devizes, 1954) p.2. Consistory Court of Wincester, Unlisted Wills and Administrations, U. 129).

At the dissolution of the monastaries, the manor of Littleton passed from the Abbot of St. Peter’s, Gloucester, to the Bishop of Gloucester, who soon released it to the King, who then granted it to Sir John St. John. Disputes with tenants ensued. (“The Victoria History of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight”, William Page, ed. (London, 1911), p.374; for the St. Johns, see S.T. Bindoff, “The History of Parliment[:] The House of Commons 1509-1558, vol. 3” (London, 1982), pp. 254-255, and “Wiltshire Visitation Pedigrees 1623” (London, 1954), p.168) In 1552, Nicholas St. John claimed that he had purchased two ninth parts of a lease of the manor of Littleton, a property originally leased in 1516 by Nicholas Noyes’ parents. The claimants actually came to blows when St. John and his servants came to mow the pasture and were met by the servants of Nicholas Noyes’ brother. (REQ2/14/71)

John St. John, Esquire, apparently entered into the manor of Littleton by force after the elder Robert Noyes’ death.

In an undated Chancery Proceeding between 1558 and 1579, son Robert Noyes stated that his father had owned a barn and some land in Cholderton and that Nicholas entered into the premises and for divers years solely and alone did enjoy the same until about four years since being a very old man did set and assign the premises amongst divers [other] things to be occupied by the defendant [Robert] and that Nicholas’ son Thomas Noyes, yeoman, sold his portion of the interest in the property to Robert Noyes.

Nicholas’ son Robert had land in Cholderton that was described in the Patent Roll of 1581/2 as “now or lately in the occupation of Nicholas Noyes or his assignes.” Nicholas NOYES had the following children:

i. Thomas NOYES was born about 1517 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England.423 (Probably at Cholderton) He died before 1579 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England.423 Probably died before 1576 as he was not named in the subsidy list of that year.

3072 ii. Robert NOYES.

iii. Albon NOYES was born about 1521.423

6160. William KNIGHT died about 1569 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. He was born in Romsey, Hampshire, England. William KNIGHT and Elizabeth WILD were married.

6161. Elizabeth WILD was born about 1540 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. She died on 12 Feb 1570 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. William KNIGHT and Elizabeth WILD had the following children:

3080 i. William KNIGHT.

6168. Robert INGERSOLL was born. Robert INGERSOLL and Cecily GRANTE were married on 30 Oct 1562.353

6169. Cecily GRANTE was born. Robert INGERSOLL and Cecily GRANTE had the following children:

3084 i. George INGERSOLL.

6344. Peter COFFIN was born about 1580 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.445,485 Brixton Parish. In 1614 he was church warden of St. Mary’s Church in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.485 (Brixton Parish) He signed a will on 21 Dec 1627 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.446,447 (Brixton Parish. Provides that his wife, Joan shall have possession of the land &c., during her life, and that then said property shall go to his son and heir, Tristram, “who is to be provided for according to his degree and calling;” and that his son John is to have certain property when he shall be twenty years of age. He speaks of his daughters, Joan, Deborah, Eunice and Mary, as being under twenty years of age. He refers to his tenement, called Silferhay, in Butlers, and to his brother Nicholas. He was father of the emigrant.) He died after 21 Dec 1627 in England.227,446,486 Will (proved) on 13 Mar 1628.446,447 Peter COFFIN and Joan THEMBER were married before 1608.227,447 Based on birth of second child

6345. Joan THEMBER447 was born about 1584 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447,486 Based on ae 77 years. Brixton Parish. She immigrated in 1642 to Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.447 She died on 30 May 1661 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.227,447 Ae 77 years. In 1662, she came with her son Tristram and daughters Mary and Eunice to Salisbury, Mass; thence she went to Haverhill and Newbury and died in Nantucket or Boston in May 1661, aged 77 years. She was said to possess remarkable strength of character. On the occasion of her death, Rev. Mr. Wilson, according to an old record, preached a funeral sermon. Peter COFFIN and Joan THEMBER had the following children:

3172 i. Tristram COFFIN.

ii. John COFFIN was born after 1609 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447 Brixton Parish.

iii. Joan COFFIN was born in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447 Brixton Parish. She died in England.447 Probably

iv. Deborah COFFIN was born in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447 Brixton Parish. She died in England.445,447 Probably.

v. Eunice COFFIN immigrated in 1642 to Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.447 She was born in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447 Brixton Parish. She died in New England.447

vi. Mary COFFIN immigrated in 1642 to Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.447 She was born in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.447 Brixton Parish.

6346. Robert STEVENS lived in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.227,361 Brixton Parish. Robert STEVENS had the following children:

3173 i. Dionis STEVENS.

6348. John GREENLEAF was born. John GREENLEAF and Margaret were married.238

6349. Margaret was born. John GREENLEAF and Margaret had the following children:

3174 i. Capt. Edmund GREENLEAF.

6350. Enoch MOORE487 was born before 19 Jan 1560/61 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 (Parish Records of St. Peter’s, Maldon, Essex, England.) He was baptized on 19 Jan 1560/61 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 (Parish Records of St. Peter’s, Maldon, Essex, England.) He was living in 1615 in , Haverhill, Suffolk, England.368 Enoch MOORE and Catherine [MOORE] were married on 23 Nov 1585 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 (Parish Records of All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England.)

6351. Catherine [MOORE] was buried on 11 Oct 1593 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 (Parish Records of All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England.) Enoch MOORE and Catherine [MOORE] had the following children:

3175 i. Sara(h) MOOR\MOORE.

ii. Samuel MOORE was born before 20 Apr 1591 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 He was baptized on 20 Apr 1591 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 Parish Records of All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England. He signed a will on 24 Dec 1615 in Much Totham, Essex, England.487 (The Will of Samuel More

In the name of God Amen the 24th day of December in the year of our Lord god 1615. I Samuell More late of Much Totham in the county of Essex husbandman being poor of body but of good and perfect remembrance (thanks be given unto allmighty god) Do make and ordayn my last will and testament in manner and forme following:

First I commend my soule into the hands of god my creator hoping through the…merits of Jesus Christ my Blessed savior that att the generall resurrection both body and soule shall be rejoined together and made perteker of his everlasting kingdom: I bequeath my body unto the earth from which it first came to be buried in decent Christian burial att the Discretion of my Executor.

Item I give to the poor of Much Birch at the time of my…6s.8d. to be payd at the discretion of the minister and brothers:

Item I give unto my sister Sara the wife of Edmund Grinleaf of Ipwich in the county of Suffolk a Bedsted [and] a flockbed one bolster two pillows.

Item I give unto her two children John and Enoch either of them 10£. of lawful english money…sayd summe my will is shall be paid by my executor to Edmond Grinleaf their father for their use and he enter bond unto my sayd executor for the true payment thereof and…from me when they shall come to the several ages of one and twenty years:

Item I give to Anna Hewster my Aunt 20s. to buy her a gold ring to be worn by her for my sake.

Item I give unto my father Enoch More of Haverill the like summe of 20s.:

Item I give unto Enoch more my brother and to my two sisters Merry and Judith to each of them 6s.8d.

All the residue of my goods and shattells unto him as well moveables and imoveables I give unto Francis More my brother whom I nominate and ordayn my sole Executor: And lastly I do…Nicholas More of Mauldon my Uncle to be supervisor unto this my will unto whom I give for his payment 20s.: In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand the Day and Year above written

Samuell More

His mark

In presence of

Robert Ham (?)

Edward—–(maybe Bailer or Kailer)

John Hewster

Arthur Gaywood (Bishop of London Commissory in Essex, Essex Record

Office, Chelmsford).

Source: New England Historical Genealogical Register 122:28-29 in the article “Sarah, First Wife Of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)”, by Mrs. Dorothy Greenleaf Boynton.) He died after 24 Dec 1615 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.456 Will (proved) on 2 Feb 1616.487

iii. Enoch MOORE487 was born before 2 Sep 1592 in Maldon, Essex, England.456 He was baptized on 2 Sep 1592.456 Parish Records of All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England.

iv. Merry MOORE487 was born.

v. Judith MOORE487 was born.

vi. Francis MOORE Sr.487 was born before 2 Sep 1592 in Maldon, Essex, England.488 (All Saints Parish.) He was baptized on 2 Sep 1592 in Maldon, Essex, England.368 (All Saints Church.) He died on 20 Aug 1671 in Cambridge, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.368

6352. Henrie JAQUES was born about 1540 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379 He signed a will on 2 Jun 1601 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379 He died after 2 Jun 1601 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379 He was buried in , Wiltshire, England.379 Buried at the Archdeaconry. Henrie JAQUES and Maud were married before 1568.379 Based on birth of son, Robert.

6353. Maud was born in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379 Henrie JAQUES and Maud had the following children:

i. Robert JAQUES was born about 1568 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379

ii. Thomas JAQUES was born about 1570 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379

iii. Ellenor JAQUES was born about 1572 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379

3176 iv. Richard JAQUES.

v. Peter JAQUES was born about 1576 in Hullavinton, Wiltshire, England.379

6356. is the same as person number 3080.

6357. is the same as person number 3081.

6392. ATKINSON259 was born. ATKINSON had the following children:

3196 i. Thomas ATKINSON.

ii. Theodore ATKINSON167 was born in 1612 in Bury, Lancastershire, England.489 He died in Aug 1701.489

6448. Richard DOLE490 was born about 1560 in Rangeworthy, Gloucester, England.490 (Thornbury Parish) He was buried on 29 May 1609 in Rangeworthy, Gloucester, England.490 Will (proved) on 12 Sep 1609.491 As “Richard Dole of Rengworthie, in the county of Glouc[ester], tann, being sicke and diseased in bodie,” he left a will dated 9 April, [torn] year of King James and proved on 12 September 1609. He asked to be buried in the churchyard of “Rengworthie.” He bequeathed a cow called Silke to his daughter Alce, as well as £6 13s. 4d. To his son Giles, he gave “one heyfer & two sheepe” six years after the testator’s decease, as well as 33s. 4d. yearly for four score years, if Giles and testator’s son William “doe so longe live together.” He gave his wife Dorothie “my first lease … to breede upp my Childre[n],” his best horse or mare, and all of his household goods. To his son William he gave his “[t]ann Fates, & tooles, all my barke, and my mill.” He gave the residue to his wife Dorothy and to his son William, who were named as his executors. He also gae to his executors his house and ground in “Rengery” called Barnards House. The overseers were Robert Hobbs and John Hooper. Henry Hooper, weaver, was a witness. [Consistory Court of Gloucester, original wills, 1609 (FHL film #91,391)]. Served as a churchwarden in the year 1602. Richard DOLE and Dorothy were married.492

6449. Dorothy signed a will on 7 Mar 1639/40.493 (Dorothy Dole of [Rangeworthy], “in the P[a]rish of Thornebury”. To son-in-law Robert Hobbs, she gave one great bolster and five bushels of wheat and one of peas, and to Robert’s son Maurice, she bequeathed £8. To Robert’s daughters Marie and Martha, she gace £6 apiece, along with all of her wearing apparel. To Thomas and Robert, sons of her grandson Maurice Hobbs, she gave one calf each. To the four sons of her son William Dole, she granted 5s. each, and to his four daughters she gave 20s. She gave a brass pan to William’s daughter Joan. All of the rest of her goods were bequeathed to her son William, who was the executor. The overseers of the will were John Hobbs the elder and Samuel Pratte.) She was buried on 10 Sep 1640 in Rangeworthy, Gloucester, England.490 Will (proved) on 18 May 1642.491 Richard DOLE and Dorothy had the following children:

i. Giles DOLE was buried on 6 Feb 1620/21 in Rangeworthy, Gloucester, England.395 (as “Giles Doall”.)

ii. Alice DOLE was buried on 20 Feb 1620/21 in Rangeworthy, Gloucester, England.395

3224 iii. William DOLE.

6452. John ROLFE was born about 1550 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.477 He signed a will in 1624/25 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.494 The Will of [John Rolfe of Whiteparis]h in the county of Wilts, yeoman, [ ]ary 1624/25. To the church of [Whiteparish] 6d., to be used toward the reparation of the church by the church wardens of Whiteparish. Concerning my right and interest in certain leases of which I now stand possessed, after my decease my son [ Rolp]he shall have that messuage or tenement and close adjoining, and that close called long [ ] adjoining to Bushy lease, and that close called breach meade, and a parcel [ ] sometimes parcel of bushy lease and lying upon the lane called Rumsey [ ] containing fourteen “lugge”, all being in Whiteparish, and also four [? pieces of] arable land containing ten acres called Webb [? close] with a messuage which I hold of the right [ ] William Stockman of Bereford, county of Wilts, Esq., by virtue of a [? lease] dated 20 March 8 James I, to hold the said lease and premises until the full term of ninety nine years be ended, if myself, Henry Rolfe, my son, and John Rolfe the younger, my son, or any of us, live so long. Said closes of arable land and pasture containing ten acres sometime called Webb close, which I now hold of William Stockman by lease dated 10 January 8 James I for ninety nine years if my sons Henry and John or either of them live so long, I give to my son Henry for his life and after his death my will is that Honor Rolfe, wife to the said Henry my son, if she survive her husband, shall hold the said premises during the time she remain a widow, and when my daughter-in-law be married to any other husband or die, then my son John shall enjoy the residue of the time unexpired. My son John shall have the three acres of ground sometimes waste ground parcel of the Earldome lying between Langley wood and the round coppice, demised to me and my assigns by William Stockman Esq., during the term of the [th]ree years, as appears by indenture dated 20 March 8 James I. To John, my younger son, the new chest, my best coffer, my iron bound cart, and £3. To Joane, the eldest daughter, and Hester, the youngest daughter of my son John, a brass pan, pewter platter, a hive of bees and 20s. each. To Joane, my grandchild, daughter of William Holloway, a hive of bees and 20s. at [ ] twenty-one years my will is that [ ] son of John or the longer [ ] two kine and a mare which [ ] Item I give to my daughter [ ] coverlid and 26s. 8d. to [ ] ease. Item I give to Richard Whiteer [ ] of money which money my executor [ ]taine to the age of twenty & six yeares [ ]ty shillings. And further my will is that [ ] abovenamed shall have their twenty shillings apiece [ ] my decease: for which my above named grand [? children shall give my] executor an acquittance and he shall accept of [ ] sonne John a coverlid which lyeth in my press [ ] piece if they shall require it within one year after [ ] aged men and women of Whiteparish the sum of [ ] at the discretion of my executor and the minister. [ ] the rest of my goods and chattels unbequeathed, my [? debts and legacies paid and funeral expenses disch]arged, I give and bequeath to my son Henry Rolfe and [? make him my] sole executor; and I give to Mr. Parks, minister of Whiteparish, [ ] My neighbors John Coles of Mort farme and William Morris of Newton [ ]field to be my overseers, and to each of them I give 10s. [ ] to see my will faithfully performed. [Signed] John Rolfe his marke. [Witnesses’ names torn off.]

Codicil dated 29 May 1625. I give to be delivered by my life time which is no part of [ ] nor touching my last will, as witnesses John [ Willi]am Morris. Mary my daughter shall have 13s. [ ] of the £17. I give to my son John 30 [ ] nn pounds. I give to Mary my daughter a little barrell , etc., [ ] a stall of bees for Thomas [Whittier, who came to New England in 1638, with his uncle John Rolf] her son, and unto Mary my daughter a gown. To Henry my son the silt and the powdering tub. To John my son my [ ]ake and the newest jerkin and hose. All the rest of my household stuff to be equally divided between Henry, my son and executor, and John, [? my you]ngest son. [Signed] the m’ke of John Rolfe the elder. Proved 8 October 1625, by the executor named. Inventory taken 6 October 1625, by John Coles, William Morris, and Thomas Rolfe, £113 1 s. 4d., exhibited by the executor 8 October 1625. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1625, Original Will and Inventory.) [Brackets indicate the places where the foregoing will is mutilated or illegible.] He died before 8 Oct 1625 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.495 Will (proved) John Rolfe on 8 Oct 1625.495 John ROLFE and Honor [ROLFE] were married before 1579 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.478

6453. Honor [ROLFE] was born in 1555 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.492 She was buried on 8 Jul 1619 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.478 John ROLFE and Honor [ROLFE] had the following children:

i. Joane ROLFE was born before 15 Sep 1579.477,478 She was baptized on 15 Sep 1579.478

ii. Mary ROLFE was born before 16 Jul 1582 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.477,478 She was baptized on 16 Jul 1582.478 She died in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.478

3226 iii. Henry ROLFE.

iv. John ROLFE477 was baptized on 24 Apr 1589 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.478,479 He was born in 1589 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England.477 He emigrated on 11 Apr 1638 from England.478 He signed a will on 4 Feb 1664.478,496 (This 4th [3d (the day of the month was changed in the original instrument)] of februrie 1663

I John Roffe of Newbry being often sickly am willing while my memorie is good to dispose of my outward Estat no knowing how soon I may be desolved and leve this world. Therefore I do ordain and make my last will and Testament as followeth

first I Comit my soule to god and my body to the Erth to be buried

2dly I give and bequeath my house and all my land I have in salsbery with all the priviledges and apurtenances be longing ther vnto in said salsbery unto my daughterr Hestur Sanders the wife of John Sanders during his life and thirtie pounds more and after his decease to Remain vnto hir Children of hir body by Equall portions

Itm I give and bequeth vnto sarah Cottell the wife of willm Cottl besid twenti pounds I formerly gave hir I give hir twenti pounds more and vnto hir two Children sarah Cottl and Ann Cotle tenn pounds a peece to be Improved by willm Cottl for ther benifit

Itm I giue vnto my Grand Children Isac Ring and Josep Ring tenn pounds a peece and vnto Elizabeth shropshere and hester Ring twentie pounds a peece

Itm I giue vnto Thomas whittyre for his Children ten pounds

Itm I giue vnto the Church of newbre twenti shilings

Itm I giue vnto Richard whittyr my sisters sonn tenn pounds and vnto his sonn John whityr five pounds

Itm I giue vnto John Rofe my brothrs sonn tenn pounds and vnto his two daughtrs marie and Rebeca Rofe five pounds to be Improved for ther benifit

Itm I give vnto benjamn Rofs sonn John Roffe tenn pounds and his sonn benjimin Roffe five pounds to be Improved for ther benifit

Itm I give vnto Ann Gardner the wife of Richard gardner five pounds

Item I give vnto honore dole the wife of Richard dole my **

Item I giue vnto Richard dols six Children fortie shillings and ..**

Item I giue vnto heneri lesenby Richard dols servant ten shillings

Item I giue vnto mari Kinrick tenn shillings and a plater of pewter

Likwis I do ordain and apoint my louing Kindsman Richard dole to be my Executur discharg and pay all the former ligacies and debts and Charg that may a Rise for my funerall or otherwise

and I defir my three frends Henri short willm moody and Richard Knight to be my ouer seers to see this my will is that all the legacies should be paid within a yere and a half after my decease

signed & seled in the presents of

Richard Knight the mark

Cornelius Connor of John R Roffe (SEAL)

Hen : Short

the mark of W-M william moodye) He died on 8 Feb 1664 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.478 Will (proved) on 29 Mar 1664 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.496 He was husbandman.478 Emigrant to N.E.

6454. Richard ROLFE was born about 1567 in Downtone, Wiltshire, England.477 Hamptworthe. He signed a will in 1598 in Downtone, Wiltshire, England.497 The Will of Richard Rolff of Hamptorethe [Hamptworth] in the parish of Downtone, 30 [ ] 1598. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Downtone. To our lady church of Sarome 6d. To the church of Downtone 6d. To the church of Lanvard [Landford] 6d. To Mary Moody a bullock [ ] of age. To my brothers-in-law Henry Rofe, Thomas Rofe [ ] two sheep. To my brother-in-law William [ ] and to his daughter Alse one sheep. To Jone Dirks and Agnes Leache one sheep each. To my sister’s son William Hore one sheep. To John [ ] a jerkin and breeches. To my brother William Sanderes [ ] sheep. To my wife Agnes Rofe and my daughter Honner and my daughter [Agn]es all the rest of my goods and chattels, and I make them my executres. If my wife do marry, my children to have their portions within one week thereafter, and if she do not, then at their ages of sixteen years. If my wife be with child, such child to have a portion with the rest of my children. My debts that I owe: to my father-in-law 20s., to my brother [in-law] Thomas Rofe £3, to my brother [in-law] John Rofe 20s., to Agnes Leache 20s., to my “onkele” [probably the uncle of Agnes Rolfe, wife of the testator] John Rofe 10s. I give to my father-in-law William Sanders, Thomas Light, and my uncle John Rofe 3s. 4 d. each, and make them overseers. Witnesses: Roger Elkins, John Rofe, John Coxe, and others. Proved 2 December 1598, by Agnes Rolfe, relict of the deceased, with power reserved for Honore and Agnes Rolfe, daughters and executrices named.

Bond dated 14 June 1606. John Ryce of Hamptworth in the parish of Downton, County Wilts, husbandman, Agnes Ryce his wife, before marriage Agnes Rolfe, executrix of the will of Richard Rolf her first husband, Michael Cooper of East Grimstead in County Wilts, husbandman, and Robert Emmery of Lanford, co. Wilts, husbandman, bound in the sum of £80. Agnes Rice als Rolff and Honor Rolff and Agnes Rolff her two daughters were appointed joint executors of the will of Richard Rolff annd had bequeathed to them certain legacies. The said Agnes filed an account 9 June 1599, the portions of Honor and Agnes being found to be £19 5s. each, and the said John and Agnes Rice als Rolff bind themselves to pay the said sums to the said Honor and Agnes, their guardians or assigns at their several ages of sixteen and to bear the expenses of their education and bringing up until such age. [Signed] John Ryse, Signu’ Agnes Ryce, Signu’ Michis Cooper, Signu’ Robte Emery. Witnesses: Greene and Gyles Batter. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1598, Original Will and Bond.) Richard ROLFE and Agnes ROLFE were married before 1593.477 Based on birth of dau., Honor.

6455. Agnes ROLFE was born about 1573.477 Richard ROLFE and Agnes ROLFE had the following children:

3227 i. Honor ROLFE.

ii. Agnes ROLFE was born about 1596.477

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