Sarah Merrick Descendants of the 1st Princes of Wales

Edward Noyes married Sarah Merrick

The Big Connection to the First Prince’s of Wales

Sarah Merick and Edward Noyes family The Meyricks are of the purest and noblest of Cambrian blood and possessed the same ancestral estates and residence at Bodorgan, Angelsey, Wales, without interruption for about 1000 years, and still occupied in 1901 by the Meyricks. They have the rare distinction of being lineally descended from the Sovereign Prince of Wales the First of the Welsh Royal Family, and from Edward the First, (see Burke’s Peerage). Meyric pg. 945, descended from the marriage of Einiawn Sais Ap David,of Bodorgan, Usher of the Palace at Recus, with Eva, daughter and heiress of Meredydd Ap Cadwgan of Bodorgan, see Coat of Arms in Burke’s Genealogical Armory 1884. The following descent from Meyric is as follows:-

Cydavail, Judge of Powys Court, Wales, about 1200.
Samuel, son of the above.
Modoc, son of the above
Tydyr, son of the above
Thorworth, son of the above.
Davydd, son of the above
Einiawn, son of the above
Heylyn, son of the above
Llewellyn, son of the above.
Menric, 3rd son of Llewellyn above, who married Margaret, daughter of Roland, Rector of Aberfraw, Angelesey,
Wales, and had Issue:-
1.Richard Merriok Esq, of Bodorgen.
2.Rt Rev Roland Merrick, D.D. Bishop of Bangor.
3.William Merrick.
4.Owain Merrick.
5.Rev John Merrick, born 1513, see subject 5872 above.
6.Rev Edmund Merrick, Li.D. Arch-deacon of Bangor.
7.Rev Reynalt Merrick, Rector of Lanllechid, Wales.
8.Alice Merrick. Was married and had a family.
9.Sionedd Merrick. ditto
10.Agnes Merrick. ditto

From Noyes Genealogies 1897 pg. 10

Meyrick ap LLwellyn was Captain of the Guard at King Henry the VIII Coronation April 26, 1509. He was first High Sheriff of the Court of Anglesey. Which he held until his death from him the name “Meyrick” signifying “a guardian” is derived as a surname, in pursuance to the act of Henry VIII, requiring that all surnames at the time be known by his descendant as a surname. There being no surnames up to that time in Wales.

Meyrick ap LLewellyn was succeeded by his oldest son Richard Meyrick who was of great influence the County. Rowland the second son of Merick ap Llewellyn was the first Protestant Bishop of Bangor. And was buried in Bangor Cathedral. From him are descended the Mericks of Goodrich Court of Bush. To “James Minrick” in Wales 1612. landed in Charleston Mass. 1630 married to Margeret –ab 1652 was cooker and a fish packer by trade Moved to Newbury Mass. Ab. 1657 – Sarah Merrick and Edward Noyes.

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  1. Mari says:

    I am also to this bloodline. Thank you for having this up. Cheers!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am also a decendent of this Merrick bloodline. Thank you so much for putting up this information.

  3. Jean M. Johnson says:

    I am also a descendant of Sarah Merrick, who was the daughter of Joseph Merrick and Mary Leonard. She married Thomas Ely in West Springfield, Mass. on Jan. 29, 1756. Is this the same Sarah Merrick whose name you use here?

  4. admin says:

    Yes it is, so that makes us blood relitives!

  5. The line from King Edward the First to Merrick Ap Llewelyn is also on our web site and Ancestry Com web site. I am attempting to take the George Byron Merrick book above and make a complete GEDCOM for download on the Merrick Foundation Web Site soon. Well, as soon as I can get it completed. DNA records and links are also on the site with the line of Kind Edward I in the DNA matching sample. Thanks for posting this, you can download a free PDF of the Meyrick Book by George Byron Merrick at the Merrick foundation web site also.

  6. Sarah Graham says:

    Am also related to Merricks! Mary Graham her mom Susie was Merrick!

  7. Jeff Young says:

    Hello, Cousins!
    I seem to be related to you from Heylyn -> Llewellyn -> Meyrick -> John Meyrick ->
    William Meyrick and then on to America in 1636, after a few more generations.

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