Justice of The Peace Historical Book Donated


A number of laws were passed which regulated the duties and responsibilities of some local officials. Early English history records the smallest administrative unit of government as the town or township which was often the same size and area as the church parish.  Its most important officer was the constable who was subject to a considerable extent to direction by the justice of the peace but who had certain duties and responsibilities in the keeping of the peace.  By the 1600’s there had developed what was known as a vestry meeting of a general assembly of the parish (township) with all of the inhabitants of the parish ordinarily permitted to attend.

Albert Edward Bishop Sr. was duly elected from a term starting in the year 1952 until it’s abolishment by law in the 1970’s.  Mr. Bishop faithfully and diligently fulfilled his duty to the most populated township in Minnesota.

White Bear Township

May 16, 2005 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Supervisors: Weisenburger, Sand and Mample; Clerk: Short; Attorney: Kelly; Engineer: Bohrer; Planner: Riedesel.

OPEN TIME: Mample presented a book donated by Town Resident Harriette Bishop, and explained that Mrs. Bishop’s husband was a Justice of the Peace for the Township. He stated that the book entries begin in August 1, 1934 and include all the matters a Justice of the Peace would handle. Mrs. Bishop has donated the book to the Township as historical information.

Mample moved to accept the donation of the book from Harriette Bishop and to direct the Clerk to send a letter of thanks. Sand seconded. Ayes all.

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