Col. Henry E. Noyes

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Obituary of Brig. General Henry E. Noyes

Co-collaborator on the Noyes Genealogy books.
Officers in the Regiment











• Participated in the first battle of Bull Run.

• Fought at South Mountain Antietam.

• Engaged in the Battle of Big Horn and the capture of Crazy Horse.

• Stationed in Cuba, served as Governor General in Cuba during the Spanish American War.

Noyes, Henry, et al.  “From Arizona to the Antilles with the Second Cavalry, 1898-1902.”  4 pts.  Jrnl Mil Srv Inst US 34 (1904): pp. 125-43, 285-307, 309-10 & 311-21.  Per.


Scouting parties were sent out often during the year 1869, many which were during the severest kind of weather. One of the largest of these was made up of Companies C, G, I, and L, under Captain Henry E. Noyes from Fort McPherson, Nebraska, in February. It was reported that Pawnee-Killer’ s band was south […]


During the time the negotiations with the Indians were going on, the troops were being prepared for a winter campaign. Provisions were made for special clothing for the troops to overcome the intense cold of this northern climate. The cavalrymen’ s feet were protected by lamb’ s wool socks over which were drawn heavy stockings […]


The plan adopted for the summer campaign was an advance in three columns to a common center in southeastern Montana where the hostiles were believed to be. General Crook was to march north from Fort Fetterman, Wyoming, with Companies A, B, D, E, and I, Second Cavalry, ten companies of the Third Cavalry, and three […]


On August 3, 1876, General Crook marched from the Tongue River camp to Goose Creek, where Colonel Merritt awaited him with the Fifth Cavalry. This raised the force to 2,000 men, all that were to be received at this time. The General then decided to send the wagons, 160 in number, back to Forts Fetterman […]


The summer of 1889 was spent in making practice marches to unfamiliar regions of the Pacific Division of the army. Much of the country was unexplored at that time, so that the troops combined field duties with gathering information of areas not yet well known. During the year Troops E and L exchanged stations, E […]

The Regiment Gathers

For several years prior to the Spanish-American War, the Cubans and other West Indians carried on an unsuccessful revolution against Spain. The citizens of the United States sympathized with the efforts of the natives to gain their freedom. This was partly because Americans generally felt sympathetic toward a colony throwing off the home government and […]

Colonels of the Regiment

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1st Colonel of the Regiment David Emmanuel Twiggs 28 Jun 1836 – 29 Jun 18462nd Colonel of the Regiment William Selby Harney 30 Jun 1846 – 14 Jun 18583rd Colonel of the Regiment Philip St. George Cooke 14 Jun 1858 – 12 Nov 18614th Colonel of the Regiment […]

Cavalry Officers 1836-1936 Part II

KOCHERSPERGER, Stephen M., Captain, June 12, 1896 – December 11, 1896, January 30, 1901 – December 1, 1915;
KOESTER, Fred W., First Lieutenant, April 22, 1925 – August 3, 1926;
KUNZ, Robert C., First Lieutenant, April 20, 1917 – May 23, 1917;
LaDUE, Lawrence K., Second Lieutenant, September 10, 1928 – September 6, 1929;
LAMBERT, Joseph I., Major, June […]

Brig. General Henry E. Noyes signed his original manuscript to give to my Grand Father his Nephew to preserve. Passed down to me through my mother Harriette Patten Noyes

Brig. General Henry Erastus Noyes

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  1. Pita Robinson says:

    I’m trying to find genealogy of my great grandfather Edward Noyes alias George Robinson who migrated to New Zealand and took the name George Robinson. He was a deepsea whaler.


  2. Benny Austin says:

    As a resident of Selma, Alabama I am greatly interested in, then, Capt. Noyes role in the Battle of Selma. As you are probably aware the official map entitled “Selma, Ala. and Its Defenses” was compiled by Edward Ruger from “the surveys and map of Capt. H.E. Noyes, US Cav, A.D.C.” and as such I would be grateful for copies of any surveys, maps, notes, diarys, etc, pertaining to his experiences at Selma.
    Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.
    Benny Austin

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